Franck Dikisongele (B. 1968)

Kinshasa, D.R. Congo

2005 : Licencié en Arts plastiques Option : Peinture Académie des Beaux Arts / Kinshasa

1998 : Licencié en Science de l’art. I.S.P.L. / Université Chrétienne Cardinal MALULA.

(Communication Artistique)

1994 : Gradué en Arts Plastiques, Option : Peinture Académie des Beaux Arts / Kinshasa

Académie des beaux-arts, Kinshasa République Démocratique du Congo.

1989 : Diplômé d’état de l’Institut des Beaux Arts de Kinshasa.

Franck Dikisongele has had countless individual and group exhibitions in Africa and Europe, since the early nineties. There are many enthusiastic private collectors who own large collections of his works.

Co-founder of the Roger Botembe's workshops, this highly dedicated professional has a strong interest in the influence of traditional African sculpture in his own paintings. Myths, revelation, spiritual strengh or the power of creativity. A trilogy that reflects the impact of the traditional masks in the artist's life. The feeling experienced through Diki's paintings is like witnessing a dialogue between a mask and its double (the artist himself), observing each other. A subject that he developed in his thesis before writing an essai, in an effort to gain a licence in Artistic Communication from the Institut supérieur de Philosophie et Lettres (ISPL) in Kinshasa.